Well…to be honest I don’t actually know either! I guess it all came from my frustration from popular magazines and certain aspects in life that generally ticked me off, so really it is more of my personal rant at the so-called way of life both in publishing, in life and the way of life.

Over the years I found that all fashion/media/society really focuses on is (obviously) the popular things in life and shunning everything that is deemed “wrong” to the idyllic way of everyday life or the popular way of life. Where I live, you are deemed weird if you wear anything other than track suit bottoms with your socks rolled up to your knees and your hair scraped back into a greasy ponytail! Oh and if you’re make up is anything other than orange foundation that finishes at your chin line and tango false tan with six pairs of thick black eye lashes then that’s wrong to! The opposite of that is that everyone wants to look what they call “Glam” (orange faced sack of spuds with blue lipstick and a peel on dress with your nun showing to the world getting out of a car then landing on your face) which believe me they are not! But I’m a rock n roll girl who tried to be a girlie girl for a little while and I just couldn’t do it!

BUT the main reason for me doing this is to possibly create a Lifestyle blog aimed at the Rock n Roll girls (and boys) sharing beauty tips, life tips, peaks into gigs that I might possibly (and I am really trying to) go to and just generally sharing with the world who I am. I am not anybody special but I hate the concept that people think all rock girls whichever they’re genre just slouch around in hoodies, jeans and converse with shit make up (sometimes we generally do) and that we don’t take care of ourselves which to be honest from what I’ve seen online is further from the truth. There is quite a few girls who inspired me as well as myself and I cannot not thank them enough for being beautiful goddesses.

A chef at work said to me “Charlie, you always look like a rock star when you walk in”, I just looked and smiled but thought, yeah you’re damn right and why shouldn’t I?



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