Oh My God!! I feel like I’m gonna die!!

Everyone’s reaction after a long weekend on the razz! Finished work on Friday, partied all Friday, shopped all day Saturday, rocked it all night Saturday and then BANG!!! Sunday smacks you right in the face! You’re dehydrated, your neck’s recovering from Whiplash (I mean girl you can hand bang good!)Β and your skin feels like a grease pan. So what do you do? Well apart from laying on the couch all day under a duvet hugging Teddykins (every girl has a bear, even a Wicca Witch has a Voodoo Doll) I have a few suggestions which include Garnier’s New Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask.

I saw this posted on their Instagram Page and thought, I’ll give it a go and luckily it was reduced to only Β£1 (only reduced from Β£1.50 but hey a 50p saving is a 50p saving!). I was a bit dubious at first as I have very sensitive skin and a few allergies to anything with a sticky residue (I know I’m weird) but I gave it a go anyway. I had recently been really ill with a sickness bug and was incredibly dehydrated and felt like general shit and my skin was plain awful so I had high hopes that it will solve all my issues…well sort of!

I must say that it is rather sticky coming out of the packet but once you have aligned it on your face (it gives you angles to align it properly on your face) and just laid back you can feel it working as daft as that sounds. I could feel my cheeks getting plumper and it is really soothing on your skin. The cool gel gently re-hydrates your skin and it did it in all the right places for me even though I have combination/sensitive/oily skin. It says to leave it for 15 minutes but I left it for 20 to get a real feel for the product. After removing the tissue mask, some of the gel remained on my skin but all I did was massage the excess gel into my skin concentrating around my eyes and dry patches on my cheeks.

Sadly my so called “laughter lines” remained around my eyes but my skin was definitely revitalised! My skin felt refreshed, plumped up and had a soft glow but not enough to make it look greasy just fresh.

All in all I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has been out all weekend or even if they have just had a rough night on the town. In my opinion this would be the perfect treat after a long weekend at a festival, say Download Festival for instance. You’ve been in a field for three days filled with food, booze and crap cold or even non existent showers. You’re filled with hangovers, booze and just general dirt, this is a perfect addition to a warm soapy bath and deep cleanse.

I hope you like it as much as I did,don’t forget to leave a comment πŸ™‚


Garnier’s New Moisture Bomb

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