CityHub Amsterdam is one of the best places I have ever stayed!!

I love the city of Amsterdam anyway (I have been 3 times previously) but I have never stayed over night so this time along with my brother, his girlfriend and my boyfriend we camped over in the city but we chose to stay at the CityHub and I just couldn’t wait to share it with you all.

I always take the DFDS Seaways Mini Cruise from Newcastle to Ijmuiden (just north of Amsterdam) and this time I got a twin inside bunk room for £70 return with transfers to and from the city which isn’t too shabby! Once in Amsterdam I had to google map my way to the CityHub…which doesn’t look too far but in actual reality it was a bitch of a trek (you can take the Tram 17 but I was not over-confident as to where to get off). It was easily a 40 minute walk from the Victoria Hotel (just outside Centraal Station) to the CityHub. Once there we were greeted by a rather handsome young man who was quite chipper which made a change…a few locals from what we’d seen were stereotypical dutch (no sense of humor and deadly serious about everything), he was very welcoming which was great especially since I was stressed out thanks to my brother being a whiny little bitch because he couldn’t just step into the hotel!

Any hoo.. we couldn’t get into our hubs until 3pm so the gent asked us if we wanted to store our luggage in their lockers (for free) until we could check in later which was great…it’s such a pain in the arse trying to navigate the streets, the cycle paths and the roads just by yourself let alone with a suitcase lagging behind you. We pootled off into town center which we found a more direct route into the city which took us half the time.

We popped back at 3pm to check in but thankfully the guy was there to help us as you check yourself in and it wasn’t easy :D. But it was great that we had the option to choose our hubs, whether we wanted top or bottom and where about we wanted to be. I stayed in Hub 41 (a top hub) and my brother stayed in Hub 49 (also a top hub), you unlock your hub with your electronic wristband (you get one when you check in) and in you pop. I must say I know they are meant to be small and convenient but I would have liked a little more room to get into my hub to store my bags and stuff. Once in it is amazing, if you download the app you can control the lights in your room (they change colour and everything!) and you can set your alarm lights, so at 8.55am my lower neon lights came on an at 9am the top bright lights came on to wake me up which is awesome! And you also have your own bluetooth to connect your hub to your phone to play your own music!! It is awesome and the sound proofing of the rooms is amazing! Can’t hear a thing from outside!

In the morning, I thought I had best test out the showers and man I was not disappointed! One of the best showers I have ever had! Better than my one at home (working on getting a better shower). Also in the showers they provide you with towels, an area to do your make up, straighteners and a hairdryer! I didn’t use them as I had my own hairdryer and straighteners but the girl in front of me had no problem using them all…at the same time! I came back half an hour later to do my make up in the ultra bright lights and they provide steadying going music of the 1940’s which was lovely even though I had Rammstein, Nickelback and Iron Maiden on in my Hub! ;D

Once ready we checked out and to be honest I was very sorry to leave! The concept of the hubs are amazing and every city should have one (small personal hubs, self-service everything including bar and they provide you with very stylish kimonos to walk around in) but there is one thing that did really bother me…considering it’s called CityHub…it’s a good 30 minute walk to Dam Square…which I would say is the main part of the city. It could do with being 10 minutes walk from Dam Square and charging £80 a night room only  (I paid £62 per night per hub) which for the quality and service that we received is 100% agreeable. It is definitely worth the money and I would go back in a heartbeat but next time, I really need to learn how to use the tram :D!

Please check them out online and if you don’t mind a good walk about, book yourself into the Hub! The new age of hospitality is upon us and this concept is definitely the way forward!! Check out my pics below!


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