I can’t help it…I love my wardrobe which does contain a lot of black!
Sadly rock n roll isn’t always about rainbow colours and brightness and sunshine. Doesn’t mean that it can’t be but from what I’ve noticed that a lot of rock tops come in black/grey, very rarely do they come in a whole range of colours. Out of my collection of band shirts I only have five shirts that are a different colour to black or grey. Personally it doesn’t bother me or my brother, even though it sounds stupid saying it but we are rock n roll and our so called “uniform” does contain a lot of black.

At Christmas, my brother and I walked into my grandma’s house, did the whole “yey it’s Christmas, we all love each other even though we’re massively disfunctional” and then my uncle came in and said “oh look it’s the Black Parade”. Oh right so my brother and I have a clothing choice that is a My Chemical Romance song and a punch line for my uncle…awesome!

But sadly my uncle (who I adore and only said it as a joke) is not the only person who has judged us by our black clothing choice. I love fashion of any kind but my heart does belong to rock n roll but I don’t like being defined into a category which so many people try to do.

Just because I wear black, love rock music and love wearing black eyeliner doesn’t mean that I fit into a specific category. I’m not an emotional,  a scene kid or a goth and I am not going to a funeral! I can wear black and not go to a funeral like a lot of girls can wear lycra and yoga pants without actually going to the gym. One of the reasons why I love rock music is that it has so many different genres and that nobody looks the same unlike the popular mainstream girls of today. I had my hair back combed,  smokey eyes, red lips, leather pants and jacket with heeled boots and I was called “a mess”, “trashy” and “unkempt”?!?! Yeah…and your orange inch thick foundation, streaky beige fake tan, 20 pairs of false eyelashes, hooker shoes and claw like false nails makes you a lady too?!?! Why do I look like a mess and you don’t?? Oh yeah that’s right…you’re too busy following the popular trends of now to even dare and try to be an individual, not saying that what I wear or do is ground breaking but please don’t be a sheep…have the courage to express your own individuality!

I mean whatever…if you’re happy being like that then crack on but don’t flick shit if you can’t take it and eat it! We should all embrace our own individuality no matter what you like!

In the world of rock there is so many different paths so don’t tar us all with the same brush and in turn I won’t do the same.

We are from different creeds but we should be United. We may be the Black Parade but we are still colourful in our own way.

We rock…that’s what we do!!!


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