“I’m sorry…how much?” I seem to be saying this more and more lately and to be honest…it’s really starting to tick me off!

People go on about how money can’t buy you happiness but I tell you what it sure helps out with a lot of things. Growing up my parents never had a lot of money but I was always taught the worth of things so I made sure that I looked after it. Now as an adult I understand the struggle of what my parents must have gone through to provide us with even the simplest of things.

I gotta admit though I do love treating myself and I’m a strong believer in quality over quantity but now a treat can seriously eat into my budget. I work 30 hours a week on minimum pay to support my household with the help from my brother but with rent, bills and basic living (I mean a girl’s gotta eat) I find myself with less and less each month. I invest in my make up which is something I wear everyday (I swear by Urban Decay, Rimmel and Clinique products, but damn I make it last) and I always like to have a good pair of jeans, a decent jacket and comfortable shoes but come on…I do love those luxuries 🙄 I came so close to buying a £350 Louis Vuitton Monogram silver and grey scarf as I wear a scarf all year round (I hate having a cold neck) and it was the same as Olli Herman’s (Reckless Love, lead singer) when I met him after one of his gigs. I saw it as an investment piece (I’d wear it 340 days of the year as I live in the north east of England where it’s cold most of the year) but when I thought about it rationally, £350 is 10 days work and nearly six weeks of my portion of the rent…so goodbye gorgeous scarf…*sniff*

But sometimes I find that everyday and quirky/niche things are over priced or maybe they are in my eyes…mother says that it’s because I want everything for £1…to be honest, it wouldn’t hurt! I fell in love with a website which is based in America and they sell loads of amazing skull/tattoo/goth/punk/rocker influenced designs. I found an item that I wanted for my brother’s birthday, it was an ideal gift, a Savings Jar with tattoo money across the front, it was only £3.99. I thought yep perfect and I found a tshirt for £5 so in total £8.99, I got all the way through to payment and it said please check your order so I did and I was horrified that all together with shipping my two items cost me £47!!! What?!?! That’s stupidly insane!! I quickly cancelled my order but I have found that there is a lot of websites that seem to do the same thing. 

Primark is one of my BIG offenders of a price rise in their products. I bought a pair of black skinny jeans last year for £8, I’m due for a fresh pair and I had a look the other day and they’ve gone up to £13! I know it’s not a lot of money to start with but that’s a steep jump! In another shop I saw a gorgeous pair of grey faded skinnies, ripped knees with silver studs up the sides and frayed hems, thought they looked badass turned over the ticket price and was so shocked it said £37.99!! F*** me, I could buy the £13 skinnies out of Primark,  buy a pack of studs for £3 and do it myself (I’m planning to do that anyway but that’s not the point). I still love Primark and I buy things from H&M and New Look (when they’re not being daft with prices) but the one shop I can’t justify buying anything at full price from is TopShop. I know I post on my Instagram my top picks from them but I seriously have a cat in hell’s chance of buying anything from there…unless my boss gives me a generous pay rise…I highly doubt it…he loves me but not that much. I don’t understand how students go in there and leave with bags of stuff, yes they get 20% discount but even so that doesn’t amount to much. I find that even people who make their own stuff and then sell them online can be steep too, yes it’s your time and effort you’re putting into it but doesn’t mean you can rip me off in the mean time.

All I’m saying is that it is a huge pain in the arse that shops/websites/designers think they can charge whatever they want and people will instantly buy it…well not me…I tend to buy a lot of stuff in the sale or from charity shops (thrift shop…I instantly think of the song) and at the moment I’m considering creating my own stuff because I can’t afford to buy them from the shops. I have an imagination, I’m just lazy when it comes to doing things, it’s time to push and show the world, I’m not dumb enough to buy your over expensive stuff in the name of fashion.

But I’m sure one day I’ll buy my Louis Vuitton scarf 🙄



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