“Eurgh I’m a walking ball of grease!” I feel like a huge ball of grease at times. I have always suffered with greasy hair and as soon as my teenage years knocked on my door, my skin has gone the same way. I also work in a restaurant which has a really hot kitchen with steam, smoke and grime everywhere so after a long day of work particularly Sundays, I can’t wait to slip into a hot steamy bath with my favourite products! Which mainly consist of things from the Body Shop.

The Body Shop can be expensive for a lot of things but I just love them and they can be worth the money. I have everything from their Banana shampoo/conditioner to their delightful Mango hand sanitiser which is perfect for your handbag. I love the great selection of smells that they have and a whole range of products to suit everybody but I must say I’m not a huge fan of their make up range (their eyeliners in particular are not great).

At the moment, I have been loving their Seaweed Collection which is perfect for normal/combination skin,  I have the exfoliating scrub, the cleansing gel wash and the mud mask and I must say they are fantastic. The cleansing gel is gentle enough to use everyday if you wanted to, I use the scrub 2-3 times a week to scrub mainly my nose, chin and forehead (having a greasy fringe doesn’t help my greasy forehead!) and I use the mud mask maybe once a week or maybe once a fortnight. You can only have it on for 10 minutes, I learned from experience…I put it on before bed and I fell asleep, my brother woke me up and I couldn’t move my face…it took AGES to come off and my skin was stupidly dry and tight. I had to moisturise a lot but at least it got rid of my grease. I use Moisture Surge by Clinique as it is light enough to not make my skin greasy or add to its natural grease and yes it is £38 a pot but…a pot lasts me two years as I only use a nail tip spot for my whole face, it’s great! 

Any hoo, I also love their hand sanitisers which are perfect for your handbag and I also find they are great to use incase of an emergency like you’ve not put enough deodorant on…long day…been to the gym…rocked out at a gig a bit too much…run to the toilets, quickly squirt into your hands, rub under your arm pits and off you go! Also would be perfect for if you go to a festival like Download or Sweden Rock Festival and perfect for taking with you on holiday. Another little thing to keep in your bag is their 50ml Eau de Toilette bottles, they come in a whole fruit basket full of flavours but my favourites are cocoa for winter, grapefruit for the spring and strawberry or mango for the summer. They are just the right size to be in your handbag just in case that you…I don’t know…hang around after a gig, the band comes out to greet their fans, quick pull it out of the bag *squirt squirt* and smell amazing while looking hot at the same time! Haha!

I don’t know about you but I don’t like using salt scrubs, I find them (as always) too greasy for me, they are meant to make you feel clean and flake free but I always feel slimey and grimey. That’s why I love Body Shop’s sugar scrubs and I always feel amazingly refreshed and flake skin free! My favourite flavour is Winter 2016’s Frosted Berries (I love the whole collection but the scrub is my favourite). I can smell it on my skin hours later after having a shower/bath and feel great all day! The only downside is that they dont make them in a travel size pot (only in the large giftpacks), it would come with me everywhere I went on vacation! I laugh at myself because I get worried that I’ll walk into work smelling like a fruit basket! I use the banana shampoo and conditioner, Frosted Berries scrub, use a little bit of mango hand sanitiser and a couple of squirt of the strawberry Eau de Toilette! Hmm, so fruity!

I hope you love their products as much as I and believe me they are worth the money if you can afford it. Just treat yourself once in a while and the little treats are perfect for your handbag or rocking travels!

Xoxo A selection of my Body Shop collection


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