I’ve got so used to being gross…I mean…I wash myself, my hair, try and keep my mono brow in check, wear make up, clean my teeth and stuff, but smaller things I tend to forget about. 

I could always hide my skin with make up and stuff and at night I felt relaxed just mooching around my home with my hair scraped back off my shiny forehead, no make up on, spots laid bare, bra off, waltzing around in my pajamas rocking out to Bon Jovi but now…that I’m single again…I can’t be a slob! I know someone should always love another for being themselves but you’ve still got to reel them in first before you get too weird…right?!

Personally, I’m not on the look out for anyone new, I am quite happy being on my own but you never know what life will throw at you (a long haired rockstar please 😜) so I guess I must be some kind of prepared. But I don’t want to create myself to be something I’m not and I don’t care what you say even the most gorgeous people on the planet think “fuck it, I’m gonna look like a sack of shit today! Eat crap, stay in my pj’s and watch crappy old films”. 

I’m not fat by any stretch of the imagination but there are definitely some wobbly bits and that little muffin top over my jeans seems to be making a bigger impact in my life. It’s just I hate eating healthy foods, I function off sugar and saturated fats which is really bad I know (especially since both my grandmother and my father are type 2 diabetics with high blood pressure) but once they invent a pepperoni pizza tasting salad, then I’m sorted! I don’t want to be super skinny like I was in college (size 6 and weighing just over 6 stone) because that wasn’t right, more than anything I just want to feel better in myself so that I will have to do.

I don’t know if I’m the only person who does this but…in the winter I…don’t tend to shave my legs a lot…I KNOW I KNOW….it’s kind of gross but they’re either in my bed or under 3 layers of clothing and no one gets to see my legs even in the summer…I’m not a huge fan of my milk bottles and I can’t pull off a fake tan to save my life! I just don’t see the point in having silky smooth legs for the inside of my jeans to see… but now I have to…in case for some random reason I have to get my legs out! I highly doubt it but hey…

I try my hardest to keep my eyebrows in check, it’s rather hard when my life would be easier if I could just use wax but I’m allergic to adhesive so Mr Tweezer is my good friend in my beauty box. If I leave it for more than 4 days, I see little hairs sprouting in the middle, so those bitches have to die straight away! Nothing says weird that a striking mono brow…even better just one big lonely hair in the centre. It just doesn’t look right but dang it…in the summer my hair grows quicker and it becomes a part time job!

I guess as time goes by you get too comfortable in a relationship and become used to that person being by your side no matter what you look like…I mean I didn’t look like a sack of shit all the time and did make an effort but you get my understanding. You eat what you like, wear what you like and forget what you look like because you know that person is always there to love you. My ex partner and I are still friends but now we are our own separate people, individuals going on a new journey which excites me as well as terrifies me. 

I hope that I can better myself, become something more than what I am at the moment. I’m just your average skinny jeans, hoodie, band t shirt wearing rock chick…but dang it I can glam it up to! I’m a GlamRat after all!!!


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