It came as such a surprise to everyone when two weeks ago Foo Fighters dropped a surprise single! Nothing had been put on social media, nothing said to the press just absolute silence which I think, especially in this day and age was fantastic. 

It was quite refreshing for a band to do something by surprise which I think in turn gave it a better reception than it could have hoped. Don’t get me wrong not everyone loved it, I personally enjoyed it but it’s not my favourite Foo Fighter song but it is still great. I’m saying this as a lot of bands lately show us all over their social media stations what they are doing, how they are doing, giving us snippets and I think you build up such a high expectation of it that when it finally arrives you are either elated or thoroughly disappointed. 

I love Nickelback (I know it’s a sticky point but that’s my opinion) and they just said they were releasing a new single and then “Feed the Machine” dropped which surprised everyone at its opening riff and powerful lyrics (I couldn’t help but feel they were aimed at a certain president 🤔). The second single, hmm not so much of an impact but in typical Nickelback fashion, they have to throw in a ballad eske single somewhere. 

But my biggest sadness is how I feel about the new Santa Cruz single “River Phoenix”. For months since the boys got back from their very impressive USA tour with rock legend Sebastian Bach, they were informing us on a daily/weekly basis of how awesome it was going to be, laying down drum tracks, lyrics etc and then when it finally dropped on 26th May,  my Instagram feed was filled with the image of Archie wearing his River Phoenix jacket but some very very mixed reviews. It was such a shame to have such polar opposite reviews, I’m in the middle ground as I was disappointed with it but I remain in hope of the rest of the album being what I have become accustomed to by the Santa Cruz boys.

The chorus of the song is their typical chanting fashion and then Johnny’s solo in the middle is just beautiful but I’m missing the…untouched, raw vocals of Archie, they sound too polished for me and that’s what I liked about the boys, pure raw energy and sound! I’m not saying that I will never listen to them again and completely disregard this song as like my friend said, once you’ve listened to it a few times it grows on you. I am not throwing shade on the boys but I’m not as so blind to love everything they do just because they have their name on it. 

I am a Bon Jovi girl at heart but I admit that sadly, they’ve lost their mojo but I understand that they are older and will not always be the rocking 20 year old guys that I’d love them to be. Jon can’t sing live as good as what he used to, Richie left (but PhilX is a worthy replacement) and I don’t know they lost their way. I didn’t enjoy their last two albums but there is some good songs. My main point is that you can love something but don’t always have to agree blindly with everything that they do.

Overall all I am saying is that sometimes bands should really go back to basics and surprise every once in a while, not blast everything before it happens, personally it reduces the fun for me. Then again I have no creativity in me to produce anything that they do. I love rock music and that’s how I feel. Happy rocking everyone!!!



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