“Designer Band Tees, this season’s newest fashion trend!” Whoa wait a minute! What?! To me and many others I’m sure, band tees have always been fashionable! I hate the fact that now because celebs like Kendall Jenner (give me freaking strength) are rocking Slayer/Metallica shirts that stupid trend bunnies are jumping on the freaking (band) wagon. “Oh my god it looks so cool but who are they?” I overheard a girl saying in Primark picking up a pale pink ACDC top with black lace fringing, she then tried it on with black stretched leggings (one of my biggest fashion hates), Adidas trainers and matching sports jacket. First of all, you don’t know who the band is and second of all (I understand that everyone has their own tastes) you’re not pairing them with the right items for the best look for that top! I’d pair it with ripped skinny jeans with frayed hems, a leather jacket, converse, aviators and a black bucket bag but hey, who am I to tell you how to wear it?

I just hate the fact like with a lot of things, people get called geeky, weird, sad because they show their appreciation for bands or tv series that they like but now since it can be classed as a fashion trend it’s ok. I see girls wearing Star Wars tops but have no idea what it’s about.  I was once in a shop and there was a top with Yoda on the front and a girl went “oh look what a cute green teddy bear”…are you freaking kidding me? Jesus girl, please don’t sound so stupid! Loads of girls seem to be losing…I don’t know…their brains, common sense, lack of understanding…whatever it is it makes me angry that girls think it’s cute to sound so stupid and not just on t-shirts but just in general…I struggle with girls at work when we’re talking about pop culture and they don’t have a clue but hey that’s a different story.

All I’m saying is, I find it insulting that people get ridiculed for being Goths, punks, rockers etc but as soon as some celebrity or main stream fashion house declares it this season’s newest trend that all of a sudden it becomes ok. Fashion is down to somebody’s personal taste and doesn’t suddenly become cool or outdated because of somebody else’s say so.

Love your bands/clothes because you do not because it is popular to do so.

Rock is love, rock is fashion, rock is life!



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